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2019 Classes

Stories I Never Really Knew

Pastor Arden Strasser, Manhattan, NY


There are lots of bible stories that are rarely told, especially in Sunday School. In each class we'll look at two stories that challenge our stereotypes, open up the world of the Bible further, have connections to today, and sometimes arouse strong emotions. We'll learn about David the guerrilla fighter, the Rape of Tamar, Josiah the faithful king, Abigail, Rizpah, Hagar, Uriah the Hittite, Naaman’s wife’s maid, the real Mary Magdalene, and several more.


Turning Points

Pastor Rip Hoffman, Westport, CT

 Over the centuries the Christian Church has come to many “turning points.” A turning point is a historical situation in which the church had more than one option to choose from as to how it would move into the future. We are at a turning point right now. This course will look at some of the turning points the church faced in the past and how they brought us to one we face today.


Lutheran Stories - Building an Inclusive Church

Pastor Lee Miller II, Buffalo, NY


In a 2014 Pew Research Study, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ranked as number 29 out of 30 religious groups as the least racially and ethnically diverse in the United States. Despite making constitutional goals and setting laudable benchmarks, the ELCA remains 96% white. Yet we would say our theology rooted in God’s grace is a gift to the whole world, to all people. This week we will take a look at the role our theology has played in building inclusive, diverse communities of faith, and we will experience some new stories of ministry currently in action throughout our church. No prior experience is necessary.

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