2022 Lutheran Summer Gathering Faculty and

Planning Committee



The Rev. Dr. Arden Strasser, Chaplain 

Manhattan, NY

The Rev. Amanda Nesvold,  Youth Leader

Huntington Station, NY

The Rev. Dr. Julius Carroll, Faculty

Buffalo, NY

Stories that African American Lutherans Could Tell

In describing the eschatological hope proclaimed by the African American Christian Church – focused on a theology of the cross – Dr. James Cone (1938 – 2018), a professor of systematic theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York City said that the testing of hope in the midst of suffering is to keep in tension the Negro Spiritual: “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen - Glory Hallelujah!" Participants in the class will consider the theological foundations for proclaiming hope in the midst of suffering as testified to by the Black Church, as well as listening to African American Lutheran people’s historic ‘troubles’ while moving towards ‘hallelujahs.’

The Rev. Judith VanOsdol, Faculty

Washington, D.C.

Holy Ground: Biblical interpretation, proclamation and transformational theology

Does Gender Justice still matter in the 21st century?

A course exploring whether “Gender Justice” is still a relevant lens for the 21 st century and why it matters in the Holy Ground of God’s living, loving and liberating Word. This exploration includes five sessions:

1) Mission and Misogyny,

2) Texts of Terror,

3) Baptism and Call,

4) Diaconia and Discipleship and

5) Living Word of Liberating Love.

The seminar is not for the faint of heart or spirit! Bring your Bible as we explore crucial and cross-shaped biblical texts ripe for re-reading with a liberating lens.

The Rev. Matthew Nickoloff, Faculty

Rochester, NY

"Practicing the Priesthood of All Believers"

While the Priesthood of All Believers is foundational to our understanding of church in Lutheranism, we often struggle to fully live out its potential.  Over the course of the week, participants will discover not only new depths to this concept, but, more importantly, will engage in a crash course in unlocking their own priestly identity.  For both lay people and those who serve as ordained leaders, participants will understand key practices of the priesthood, and learn how to notice and empower others in their communities as well.  


Lutheran Summer Gathering Planning Committee

The Rev. Marie Jerge, Dean and Director of Ministry

Chad Volkert, Director

The Rev. Dr. Arden Strasser, Chaplain

Karen Hoffman, Registrar

Amy Moorhus Baumgardner, Activities Coordinator

Scott Rohrbach, Activities Leader

Laura Hill Primiano, Newsletter Editor

Katie Bang 

The Rev. Jim Bresnahan

Sue Hollar

Beth Smayda