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2023 Classes

Bible study: Church, State, Civic Life and Faith

Pastor Amy Reumann (bio)

What is God’s Word to us in our vocations as citizens and disciples? In the heated, increasingly polarized sphere of politics and policy, how shall we engage as Christians? Grounded and guided by Scripture and our theological heritage, we will consider together how Christians can exercise their discipleship in public life. Sessions will include Lutheran views on civic life and how Christians can approach controversial issues. Some sessions may include case studies on Christian Nationalism, separation of church and state or fake news and false witness. Participants will have an opportunity to submit a response form after each session to inform the development of a new ELCA social statement on topics related to civic life and faith.


The Intersections of Science, Ethics and Christian Faith

Dr. Robert Lebel (bio)

Applying the seven primary virtues to daily life
Fundamentals of genetics
Ethical issues in genetics
Adventures with St. John the evangelist
Quo vadis? A Christian evolutionist looks forward

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