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Dining Hours in the (air-conditioned!) William Boyd Center

We are excited to dine together for the first time in the climate controlled William Boyd Center at Silver Bay! The team at Silver Bay worked tirelessly to ensure the WBC would be open in time for our arrival.

The beautiful dining room is open, but has a specific capacity limit at this time. As a result, Silver Bay will serve meals in two separate shifts, with one hour dedicated for the Lutheran Summer Gathering and one hour for all other guests on campus.

The dedicated Lutheran Summer Gathering dining hours are:

  • Breakfast 8am-9am

  • Lunch 12pm-1pm

  • Dinner: 6pm-7pm

Your badge will clearly identify you as part of the Lutheran Summer Gathering and you will be able to access the dining room at any time during our hour.

In a spirit of Lutheran hospitality and flexibility, please observe these dining hours out of respect for Silver Bay and the needs of our fellow brothers and sisters on campus. You will be gently asked to return at the appropriate time if you arrive to the dining room before our meal hour begins.

Helpful tips:

· Java Jolt - Coffee will be available to all, free of charge, in the Inn lobby on the side facing the Auditorium (former check-in desk) beginning at 7am

· Silver Camp - The check-in window for children has been extended to 8:45am. Please ensure your child is signed in to camp no later than 8:45 to ensure the Woozles can head off for their morning fun promptly at 9am.

· Worship Leaders - Faculty, chaplains, and members of the choir will have an exception to access breakfast before 8am. This will require a special sticker on your badge. Choir members planning to sing throughout the week will receive their badge sticker at the first choir rehearsal on Saturday evening. (This is a very good trick by Maestro Joe Krupa to incentivize you to join the choir!)

· Evening Vespers – Our beautiful lakeside Vespers will begin each evening at 7:20pm. Golf cart rides for those in need of a lift will depart from the Inn Circle at 7:00pm.

· Evening Programs - Start times will be slightly later than years past. See today's Welcome Punkee (and thank you to our Punkee editor, Will Platnick, for keeping us all 'in the know' this week) for details! Yes, you will be up a little later – but the good news is you don’t have to get up until 8am for breakfast!

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