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A celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and 85th anniversary of the Lutheran Summer Gathering at Silver Bay!

Join the conversation every afternoon for a different look at the Reformation and how we are re-formed!




Luther and Beer

Kihm Winship


Kihm will lead a conversation about why people drank beer in Luther's Germany, where they drank it, what it tasted like, what Martin Luther felt about it, and about the beers he enjoyed!


Interesting Heads and Tales! Luther and Reformation Medals

Pastor Fred Schumacher


Everyone knows that if it had not been for Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, Luther’s 95 Theses may have ended with a debate among scholars and students at the University of Wittenberg,.. But very few know that that the coin and medal press also spread the Reformation.  Come and learn how this was accomplished and how Luther has been interpreted on over three thousand medals (more than anyone in history)!



Music of the Reformation

Joe Krupa

Join Maestro Joe Krupa for an hour of music both defined by and defining of the Reformation.


Sites of the Reformation 

Tom Henry

As we approach the 500th anniversary of Luther's activity in Wittenberg, it's important to remember there were other Reformation cities that were markedly different. In this session we will look at Wittenberg, Augsburg, Zurich and Geneva as they were 500 years ago and a bit of what they are like today for those making the anniversary trek.

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